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Welcome to Jerome Primary School

Thank you for taking the time to look at our website and find out about Jerome Primary School.

Our aim is to enable children to become confident successful learners with the motivation, skills and responsibility to make a positive difference, now and in the future. The primary years of education are crucial to a child’s development.

Here at Jerome we believe firmly in developing each child in partnership with our parents, and fostering positive attitudes and principles ready for a changing world. This website can only begin to give you an idea of what our school is like. We would be delighted to welcome you and your children to come and see us at work.

Head Teacher
Claire Sarginson
April 2015
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School events Wed 1st @ 10:00am - Easter Service
You are invited to attend our Easter Service held at St. James's Church.
Holiday Thu 2nd @ 6:00am - Staff only
School events Fri 3rd @ 6:00am - Holiday
Holiday Mon 6th @ 6:00am - Holiday
Holiday Tue 7th @ 6:00am - Holiday
Holiday Wed 8th @ 6:00am - Holiday
Holiday Thu 9th @ 6:00am - Holiday
Holiday Fri 10th @ 6:00am - Holiday
Holiday Mon 13th @ 6:00am - Holiday
Holiday Tue 14th @ 6:00am - Holiday
Holiday Wed 15th @ 6:00am - Holiday
School events Thu 23rd @ 8:30am - Swimming
For selected children only.