Jerome Primary School

Hip Hip Hooray


At Jerome we believe it is important to celebrate all of the successes and achievements of our pupils. This page is dedicated to out of school activities. We are so proud of all that our children achieve!


If you would like to request a spot for your child in the 'Hall of Fame', please email with details and a photo. Each child will appear for a minimum of 1 week.


Jerome Hall of Fame

Emily and Georgia, Year 6, have been working really hard all year, even during lockdown on zoom, to achieve their Pointe License for dance. We are so proud of them!

Sebastian (Y1) and Zachary (Y2) have been swimming champions this week! Both receiving two awards! Well done boys, we are so very proud of you both!



Ellie, Year 6, won her latest online dance competition, beating 83 others in the under 12 slow section!  She also made it through to the semi-final with her fast routine.  Amazing Ellie!  Your dedication, hard work and hours of practice have been rewarded.  We are so proud of you! 

Phoebe, Year 5, has won the 'Best Comedy and Drama Student at her Drama Academy. What a superstar Phoebe!

Congratulations to Lucie and Olivia, who have been voted our Head Students this year!

We are so proud of you both!

Chloe, Year 4, went to her very first dance competition and managed to get 2nd place in Fast and 5th place in Slow. Amazing Chloe!!!

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