Jerome Primary School

Supporting and Safeguarding your Child


We know that many parents worry about supporting and safeguarding their child, particularly when accessing online devices. Below we have compiled a list of useful resources and websites to support you in navigating the minefield that is parenting! Should you ever have any worries or concerns we are always here to offer advice and support. 

At Jerome our Designated Safeguarding Leads (DSL's) are - Mrs Sarginson, Mrs Ball and Mr Barry. 

Mental Health and Well-Being support - Mrs Sharrock and Mrs Ball - The NSPCC website includes a wealth of general information, support and advice. - A new government website offering parental support around sexual abuse. - Help and advice regarding supporting your child to stay safe online. - Online Mental Health support for children in Staffordshire - Report Abuse in Education Helpline - Everyone’s Invited: 0800 136 663. Thanks to those who have found the courage to speak out as part of the testimonies on Everyone’s Invited, the NSPCC has been commissioned by the DfE to set up an independent helpline for children, parents and professionals to seek expert, sensitive advice from the NSPCC and safely report abuse that has happened or is happening in educational settings.  The helpline is a dedicated line for children and young people who have been victims of abuse and for worried adults and professionals that need support and guidance. Run by our fully-trained NSPCC helpline staff, we will offer advice for anyone concerned about current or non-recent abuse. - This positive parenting guide is a super resource. Remember, all families will go through difficult times! - This website includes all the information you need in relation to keeping your child safe online. It includes; advice specific for children of different ages, setting controls, and much more! - This link takes you directly to information and support in relation to Preventing Radicalisation. It includes videos and parent stories, as well as a range of information and support. - If you have any concerns in relation to Mental Health then this website is a must. It offers a wealth of guidance, along with a dedicated parent helpline. - This guide offers information on supporting your child to understand the Black Lives Matter movement and why it is so important. It is suitable for children age 4 and up. - This resources offers LGBT advice and support for families. It includes useful guides and links to other websites of interest. - This website includes information in relation to County Lines and Child Criminal Exploitation. It includes a useful section on spotting signs of exploitation. - This website offers and abundance of advice and support if you are worried about your child, including the risks associated with Child Sexual Exploitation. They offer a helpline, through which you can access confidential support - 0808 1000 900. 

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