Jerome Primary School

Attendance and Medical Appointments


We expect all children on roll to attend every day when the school is in session, as long as they are fit and healthy enough to do so. We believe that the most important factor in promoting good attendance is development of positive attitudes towards school. To this end, we strive to make our school a happy and rewarding experience for all children. We will reward those children whose attendance is very good. We will also make the best provision we can for those children who, for whatever reason, are prevented from coming to school.


Our school day starts at 8.45am prompt, with teachers beginning admission from 8.40am. The school gates, and classroom doors, will be closed at 8.50am. If you arrive late, please proceed to the school office, where you will be asked to register your child's late arrival by completing a simple form. Please do not send your child to the office without an adult.


Only the school can make an absence authorised. Parents do not have this authority. Consequently, not all absences supported by parents will be classified as authorised. There are only 7 reasons for the school to authorise an absence:


1. Illness of the child

2. Family bereavement - close family member

3. Medical appointments (when these cannot be made outside of school hours)

4. Educated off site

5. Religious observance

6. Sporting competition or event

7. Other exceptional circumstance – at the discretion of the Headteacher only.


It is the responsibility of the parent, carer or guardian to contact the school to report an absence or late arrival. This should be done by 9.15am on the day of the absence.


If attendance drops below the school target of 96% (starting from Autumn 2) parents will receive a letter indicating that this is the case and that attendance needs to improve.


If attendance drops below 92% then parents may be asked to meet with the Headteacher to discuss the reason for this and any necessary action will be agreed.


If attendance drops below 90% then this is classed as persistent absence. Parents may be asked to meet with the Headteacher and regular monthly meetings may continue until attendance improves. Staffordshire guidance will be followed when attendance drops below this figure which means that no illness will be recorded on the register unless a GP appointment card or other suitable evidence can be provided to support the absence. If attendance has not improved by the first monthly meeting then an Early Help Assessment will be offered to parents. If attendance has not improved by the second meeting, a referral to the Education Welfare Officer may be made.


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