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What is ClassDojo?

ClassDojo is an online website – accessible via desktop or app. The site is set up similar to a Facebook page, but is only accessed by staff and parents. The general public will not be able to access the information posted. ClassDojo is our main source of up to date information at Jerome. 


To access ClassDojo, please follow the link below - 


ClassDojo offers many features and different ways of using them. At Jerome we use ClassDojo in the following ways –

Key dates and events – whilst major events will still appear on the website calendar, all key dates and events will appear on ClassDojo. The system will also send you reminders as they approach – so make sure your notifications are switched on!


Star of the Week – we will announce the Star of the Week on ClassDojo, on a Thursday. We will still continue with our weekly assemblies on a Friday afternoon for Y1-6. Children will receive 10 Dojo points if they are the Star of the Week!


Reading Ambassadors – we will announce our weekly Reading Ambassadors on ClassDojo. Children will receive 3 Dojo points if they are the Reading Ambassador!


Rainbow awards – instead of bringing a rainbow award home, children will be awarded their rainbow on ClassDojo. Children will receive 2 Dojo points if their receive a rainbow!


Good to be green! – every child who ends the day on green will receive 1 Dojo point!


Homework – homework tasks will be communicated through ClassDojo – on the main class page.


An insight into learning – each week, teachers will post photos and comments to share some of the wonderful learning which has taken place in their classrooms.


General notices – class teachers will also be able to use ClassDojo to communicate other information with you.


Private messages – The system allows for parents and class teachers to message each other privately, if needed. When you send a ClassDojo message, the class teacher will receive a notification to inform them a new message has been received, however, these notifications are only sent to teachers from 8am to 5pm on a school day, so please do not expect a reply outside of these times.


We request that, where possible, to save your time and that of our teaching staff, any quick questions or queries are still asked in person – at drop off and collection time. If this isn’t feasible, then please do send in a message and class teachers will respond as soon as they are able. If you send a message during the school day, the class teacher is unlikely to reply until after the school day has finished.


The message section on ClassDojo should not to be used as a way of communicating concerns or raising complaints. Dealing with matters of such high importance is a priority for us, and we would rather do that in person, or at least via a telephone conversation. If you wish to contact a teacher regarding a concern or a complaint, then please contact the school office, or speak to the teacher directly, and they will arrange a meeting with you.


ClassDojo Points – As a way of rewarding children for earning Dojo points, we have developed an individual and a class reward system.


Class Reward – each class has the opportunity to earn around 200 points a week. When the class earns 1000 points, they will receive an additional break time. They will earn an extra break every 1000 points.


Class Reward – if a class reaches 5000 points they will earn a treat afternoon. They will be able to bring in games and activities from home and will wear non-uniform for the day.


Individual Reward – Every time your child earns over 70 points they will earn their own non-uniform day!




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